Rabbit Wheel Studio

Hand-stamped metal jewelry, original art, crafts and hula hoops.

Love is in the air...

Amber Bradshaw

Finally feeling some relief from the weight of a recent unexpected life "shift". (Deep breath) Much of January was spent reflecting and regrouping. I'm starting out February with a renewed focus and sense of purpose. This so called month of love has me inspired to create, to continue to be vulnerable and remain passionate about the things I believe in.

Back at the bench...hammer in hand...new stamps and inspirations. Continuing to work on adding to the inventory of available products. Feeling grateful for all the blessings in my life!

Baby Steps

Amber Bradshaw

Here goes! Stepping completely outside my comfort zone and putting myself and my work out there...really out there! My own little website!! I'm so humbled by the support and encouragement of many close friends and colleagues...and just a little scared!

Rabbit Wheel Studio came about as a way to create extra revenue after a tough decision to no longer host international students from my daughter's school and the loss of that income as a result. I had been sporadically selling hoops, paintings and jewelry locally and several people suggested online sales. 

Frustrated after attempting to set up a meager Etsy shop and print and product options on other sites, I decided I could better feature all my available products in one centralized location with links to additional sites.

Which leads me to today. Learning this process one baby step at a time. Begging patience of my visitors as I learn the ins and outs of this process. Thank you so much for stopping by and taking time to check out what spins out of my brain. Namaste.